Elegant Peacock Pure Copper Water Bottle 1 litre & Glass Set

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Stunningly beautiful, incredibly sturdy, and well-constructed are the adjectives used for our Elegant Peacock copper bottle and glasses which are designed to steal the limelight. Drinking water from a copper vessel is a simple, practical, and effective method of drinking water in its most holistic way, recommends Ayurveda. “Tamra Jal” or copper water in Ayurveda is believed to help balance the three doshas in your body-Vata, Pitta, Kapha by gently infusing the water with the positive health properties of copper. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of our 99.6% copper make it a perfect metal to store water in. Treat yourself and your loved ones with the best health.

Box Content:

1xBottle, 2xGlass

Dimension (inches): Bottle: L-11 x W-2.5 x H-2.5
  Glass: L-3.6 x W-2.2 x H-2.2
Product Weight:  Bottle: 280-300 grams
Glass: 70-80 grams
Capacity: Bottle: 900 ml
Glass: 270 ml/ 0.27 L


99.6% Pure Copper

0.4% Zinc

• Ayurveda Backed Immunity Booster
• Synthesizes Hemoglobin
• Strengthens Bone & Builds Immunity
• Maintains Digestive Health
• Heals Wounds & Relieves Pain
• Prevents Cell Damage that Slows Aging
• Helps Weight Loss

Step 1: Fill the Copper Bottle with lukewarm water mixed with two tablespoons of salt and squeeze the juice of a lemon.
Step 2: Put the cap on the bottle and shake the bottle for a minute. Let it stand overnight.
Step 3: Once done, clean the bottle with your regular dishwashing liquid and rinse thoroughly.
Step 4: Continue to enjoy the benefits of the Ayurvedic Tamra Jal.

✅ Use lukewarm water & scrub the surface gently with a soft cloth.

❌ Avoid using harsh scrubbers to clean.

✅ It is perfectly normal for copper to get black as it gets oxidized. To clean the bottle, use lime with a pinch of salt with water & shake the bottle well for sometime.

❌ Avoid using extremely hot or cold water for cleaning.


All of our copper water bottles are made of 99.6% pure high-grade food-safe copper. We don’t use any other metals, alloys, or linings. All of our copper water bottles are of exceptional quality. Please find out authenticity certification attached. Yes, these reusable copper bottles have a tight seal concealed with a silicone ring to ensure it is leak proof.

The bottle starts getting black due to oxidation when you store water in it overnight. This is a positive sign because that indicates that the bottle you have purchased is pure copper. The decoloration of the bottle will go away once you wash it. Please refer to our “How to Clean” section to learn about the copper bottle cleaning process.

No, copper vessels are only meant for storing water and benefitting from the copper bottle water, nothing else. Other forms of liquid such as milk or juice aren’t a good fit for it. These food types are of acidic forms. The acids react with the copper bottle in a negative way and may affect your health.

Don’t do that. Copper bottles clean water with oxidization. But pouring hot water into the bottle disturbs this process. Copper absorbs the heat, making it difficult for you to carry or even hold the bottle in your hand.

You can store your bottle in the fridge if desired, keeping in mind that copper bottle benefits when you consume room-temperature water. However, you should never place your copper bottle in the freezer as it could explode.

As a trustworthy brand, EBstore packs and dispatches the best copper water bottle you chose within 24 hrs after your ordering time. The highest probability is that it reaches the destined address within a span of 3-4 days depending on the pincode.

The product you receive are handmade by Indian Artisans and may differ to what you see on the screen, and thats the beauty of it 😉.

Every EB Copper Bottle is made with certified pure copper. All our prints are high quality with EB logo elegantly embeded in it. Dont forget to check the laser eteched trademark at the bottom.

Customer Reviews

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Somenath Biswas

Looks and feels premium..!

Never got the bottle

The courier company never delivered the bottle. Have order it from amazon now.


Nice product

Good for health, brand you can trust

Copper bottle are good for health. Don't forget to wash the bottle with mild warm water mixed with salt and lemon before using.It's my work from home, cum office desk bottle. I like it!

Vishal v. Patel
Too much delay

The shipping took a lot of time

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